Saturday, October 09, 2010

For the Record ...A New Spin on the "Death Record!"

And Vinyly......a new spin on the "death record!"
Quirky, wierd and definitely unusual ... but still utterly cool, check out and Vinyly. Created by a UK music producer who realized he "might not be immortal" after his mother started working at a mortuary. andVinyly allows you to have your ashes pressed into an actual, playable record, simultaneously putting your oeuvre in the death metal and soul categories. Now actually, you won't be around to make this happen, so you have to have someone take care of this for you : )

How does it work you ask: ashes are sprinkled by a person of your choosing, and baked onto a 24-minute disk, which can either be left as simple pops and crackles ("the minimal approach"), or grooved to play your last will & testament; a favorite song; or a personal message in your voice. To make things even cooler you can have a tribute song penned by in-house bands House of Fix and Daftwerk (with full input concerning lyrics, etc), and commission an album cover from National Portrait Gallery resident dauber James Hague, who'll mix your ashes into the paint -- and create an album cover for yours truly.

The average ash-load can be spread out to thirty records, and if you dare, (I mean so desire) can even be sold under the in-house R.I.V. (Rest In Vinyl) label at stores around the world. You'll be traveling the world solo and won't even know it!
And Vynily offers lots of services; for example, don't want the full body job ... you can do body parts; they will even take pets cremated remains.

Source: Thrillist and AndVynily