Tuesday, April 16, 2013

"Ask A Mortician" Series

A wonderful series.  Everything you ever wanted, thought of or need to know about death, dying and funerals!

Can you believe it?  James Dean in a Coffin,  photographed  by Dennis Stock 1955
In seeing this you can appreciate the photos of a jocular James Dean  visiting a funeral parlor in 1955, taken jauntily enough by famed LIFE photographer Dennis Stock, seven months before the star was killed in a collision while driving his Porsche Spyder to Salinas, California for a race. 

Creepy? or perhaps a subconscious view into the future?

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Preserved Pets .... Freeze Dried if you please

Check out this company ... Preserved Pets. I just lost my pet ... and this thought did cross my mind -- but personally -- I decided it would be too upsetting to have my pet not moving in the living room ... But, for someone who would relish this ...

They use a freeze drying method ... Here is some info directly from the site:

What is the method of Freeze Drying?

Freeze drying is a type of preservation that removes liquid and moisture from an object that is frozen, by using a slow vacuum process. The freeze drying will continue until all of the liquid is evaporated. Once this process is completed the pet you love so much will be with you forever....

Why not choose traditional taxidermy over Freeze Drying?

Taxidermy typically uses forms based upon an animals size and type and may not be able to meet the needs of pet preservation. Taxidermists wont usually work on pets since it is very difficult to make your pet look like your pet....Some taxidermists can supply and make custom forms, however they require a long lead-time and a higher cost is incurred.

How long does it take?

Typically 2-4 months based upon the individual pet. The positive outcome of your pet is what is most important to us at PreservedPets.com, so being rushed would not be an option, unless special arrangements have been made. This pet is going to last forever and PreservedPets.com take the utmost pride and respects the beloved pet you want to be with you always.... There are other companies that have turn around times stretching out to 10 plus months. Why would you want to wait that long. Our unique process allows us a faster turn around time while keeping the skeleton intact as other companies do. Our pets will not shrivel up over time and will back that by offering a one year warranty if they do we will re do your pet. We are the only company to offer such a warranty.

Gay Coffins Create a New Market ... hmmmm

Funeral directors in Germany are offering coffins specially designed for gay customers.

The caskets feature homoerotic artwork on the outside and come with a series of tastefully luxurious plush designer interiors, say makers Mike Konigsfeld and Tom Brandl in Cologne, Germany.

The designers - who have lived together for more than 10 years - say the images of muscular young men in classical poses are the perfect way to send off a loved one.

"Naturally there were some people who threw their hands up in horror when we had them on display in the window but they are tasteful and beautiful - like our customers," explained Mike.
"People are cutting back in the recession but the one group of consumers who still have high spending power are gay couples and very few people are designing for them in this market," he added.

Source: Orange News

London's Highgate Cemetery

Gorgeous workmanship on the tombstones and a great history lesson at London's Victorian Highgate Cemetery.

Saturday, October 09, 2010

For the Record ...A New Spin on the "Death Record!"

And Vinyly......a new spin on the "death record!"
Quirky, wierd and definitely unusual ... but still utterly cool, check out and Vinyly. Created by a UK music producer who realized he "might not be immortal" after his mother started working at a mortuary. andVinyly allows you to have your ashes pressed into an actual, playable record, simultaneously putting your oeuvre in the death metal and soul categories. Now actually, you won't be around to make this happen, so you have to have someone take care of this for you : )

How does it work you ask: ashes are sprinkled by a person of your choosing, and baked onto a 24-minute disk, which can either be left as simple pops and crackles ("the minimal approach"), or grooved to play your last will & testament; a favorite song; or a personal message in your voice. To make things even cooler you can have a tribute song penned by in-house bands House of Fix and Daftwerk (with full input concerning lyrics, etc), and commission an album cover from National Portrait Gallery resident dauber James Hague, who'll mix your ashes into the paint -- and create an album cover for yours truly.

The average ash-load can be spread out to thirty records, and if you dare, (I mean so desire) can even be sold under the in-house R.I.V. (Rest In Vinyl) label at stores around the world. You'll be traveling the world solo and won't even know it!
And Vynily offers lots of services; for example, don't want the full body job ... you can do body parts; they will even take pets cremated remains.

Source: Thrillist and AndVynily

Monday, August 09, 2010

The Death of Jumbo the Elephant ....

Did you know ..... P.T. Barnum's prize elephant Jumbo was killed September 15, 1885, crossing railroad tracks in St. Thomas, Ontario. The collision derailed the train, and 150 people were required to haul the elephant's body up an embankment.

Jumbo's death was a great loss to Barnum's show, but the loss was somewhat mitigated when both the taxidermied hide of the beast and its skeleton were exhibited together.

Vital statistics: height 11.5 feet, weight 6.5 tons, age 24

I guess it all comes down to money ....
Find other cool info over at Celebrity Morgue

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Tombstone Tours to Kill Time

Looking for a quirky place to travel to this summer? Check out this great article by USA Today on Tombstone Tours. Here is some information about interesting cemeteries in Boston, New York, Indianapolis, Cleveland, New Orleans, Los Angeles and Paris. Some host tours about their history or landscapes, and some offer themed events around Halloween. (Check out the spooktacular photo to the left: This photo shows a mummified corpse in the Capuchins' Catacombs located in Palermo, Sicily, southern Italy)

Sunday, June 06, 2010

John Wooden Dies ... So much more than a coach!

"Talent is God given.
Be humble.
Fame is man-given.
Be grateful.
Conceit is self-given.
Be careful."

John Robert Wooden (October 14, 1910 – June 4, 2010[1]) was an American basketball coach. He was a member of the Basketball Hall of Fame as both a player (inducted in 1961) and as a coach (inducted in 1973). He was the first person ever enshrined in both categories. Only Lenny Wilkens and Bill Sharman have since been so honored.[2] His ten NCAA national championships in a 12-year period while at UCLA are unmatched by any other college basketball coach.[3][4] (Sources: Wikipeida)

More on Coach Wooden:

Saturday, May 08, 2010

Memorial Vase ... Gorgeous!

I love this! One of the newer vases to come out! Great for a wedding or just your table at home!

Memorial Vase
For a beautiful way to remember a loved one at your wedding, fill this lovely vase with flowers and set it in a place of honor during the ceremony and reception. The 8 inch tall, clear glass vase is printed with the words "In Loving Memory - these flowers bloom as a symbol of a life and love remembered" in white.