Thursday, April 19, 2007

Famous Last Words ... Epitath

Leave 'em laughing, they say in show business, and if you've ever wandered around an old cemetery, you know that some folks do -- or, at least, manage to end the conversation on a memorable note. (Everyone wants to be remembered); The Epitath Browser has a nice mix of famous folk (and how glad am I to learn that Mel Blanc rests beneath a stone with "That's all folks" on it?) and obscure, who have in common terrific epitaths on their gravestones or cenotaphs. There are some beautiful items here, but those of a cheerfully morbid disposition will appreciate the funny ones too, such the inscription above Ms. Sarah Ford: This stone was raised to Sarah Ford,

Not Sarah's virtues to record--
For they're well known to all the town--
No Lord; it was raised to keep her down.

(source: USA Today)

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