Monday, October 01, 2007

Death by "Car, Yachts and Accident"

I don't know why, but everyone is interested in how someone passed. Ask anyone. And we are all interested in the famous ... (at least I am). You never know when death is going to knock, so when I came across this interesting website that lists famous people killed by cars called Who2 -- well, I had to take some time and read. Lots of interesting facts and history ...for instance; Author MARGARET MITCHELL lived nearly all her life in Atlanta, the setting of a famous scene from her novel Gone With the Wind. On August 11 of 1949 she was crossing an Atlanta street on her way to the theater when she was hit by a speeding cab. She died of her injuries five days later.

Silent film star TOM MIX was killed in a freak auto accident on 12 October 1940. Famous for his high-living ways -- including his love of fast cars -- Mix was speeding across Arizona in his roadster when he unexpectedly encountered a bridge under construction. Braking and swerving sharply, Mix dislodged a heavy suitcase from the luggage rack behind him. The suitcase crashed forward into Mix's head, killing him. '

Then there is Death by Yacht; which I guess one of the more recent and most known is Actress NATALIE WOOD who died near Catalina Island on Thanksgiving weekend of 1981. She was spending the holiday on the yacht Splendour with her husband Robert Wagner and actor Christopher Walken, her co-star in the movie Brainstorm. She disappeared sometime after dinner on the night of 28 November; the next morning her body was found floating nearly a mile from the Splendour, dressed in a nightgown and down jacket. No one had seen or heard her leave the yacht; the ship's dinghy was also found drifting at sea. "Coroner to the Stars" Thomas Noguchi ruled accidental death, suggesting that Wood had slipped and fallen overboard. Hollywood gossips hinted at a romantic triangle (and a 2000 Vanity Fair article claimed that Wood had climbed into the dinghy after a drunken argument with Wagner), but nothing of the sort was ever proved.

and another strange link: Death by Accident

In the early 1930s, future director JOHN HUSTON was considered a rising young talent in the movie business. A natural raconteur and ardent carouser, Huston was hired on as a studio screenwriter. On 25 September 1933 Huston was driving on Sunset Boulevard and hit a woman pedestrian, killing her. A grand jury was convened, but returned no charges against him. He left the United States for Europe and didn't return to Hollywood until 1937. He went on to direct some of the most famous films of the 20th century, including The Maltese Falcon (1941), The African Queen (1951) and The Man Who Would Be King (1975).


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