Thursday, March 29, 2007

HAUNT WORLD .... More than seeing dead people... bills itself as "the biggest haunt finder network on the Internet." And though we can't verify that spine-chilling boast, we can tell you that its state locator and ghoulish reviews make the site our first visit for nailing down the season's creepiest spots. So, hold your breath, brush aside the cobwebby banner ads, and march bravely in. Here are the two most bewitching places to enter...

Top 13 Haunted Houses for 2006—a Kentucky steamboat, two Las Vegas semi-trucks, and a St. Louis hayride join those vying for scariest haunt, but it's Ulster, New York's headless horseman that gallops away with the honor.

Haunted News—this section scares up a list of Halloween how-tos and articles from across the Web. Tips on crafting the spookiest yards, a profile of south Jersey's real-life Ghostbusters, and a rundown of the scariest ghost towns all prowl its borders.

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