Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Plant a Memorial Tree

I thought this was actually interesting. I came across a site called "Tree Givers" where you can have a tree planted as a memorial as opposed to sending flowers. Something different... something unique. Figured I would post it. This is something I would actually be included to do:

Plant a Memorial Tree

TreeGivers memorials are one of the most meaningful ways to express your sympathy to families. While flowers will fade, the thought of a young tree being planted for someone will last a lifetime. The memorial planting is a remembrance of the past and at the same time a renewing of life. Living, Growing Legacy. Benefiting the environment for years to come...
Treegivers trees are planted on public lands all across the country where each one, in its own way, will grow and benefit all of us.

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Queen of Dysfunction said...

I had some friends who did this when I was in high school and one of our classmates was killed in a car accident. It's a really nice idea.

Have you heard about the composting process being used in parts of Europe now where they freeze dry and then compost human remains before burying them in a twelve-by-twelve cornstarch-based box with a live plant on top? The remains nourish the plant and create a kind of living memorial as well.