Monday, May 14, 2007

BibliOdyssey.... Cool art!

BibliOdysseyThough Paul, the curator of this fantastical blog, claims that he's "not a mysterious persona by intent," his site brims with baffling images and mesmerizing, inexplicable creatures. ("If it looks like I know anything then the mirrors are working.") In weekly or semi-weekly dispatches, this Aussie persona posts etchings, illustrations, posters, and other "visual materia obscura" from around the globe and across time. Machines brush up against monsters. Sartorial skeletons from one century pass Polish children's illustrations from another. A Russian illustrator indulges in "retro fantasy folk whimsy." Winged humans swoop overhead; rare Japanese medical texts sit in wonder; "zoomorphic" Sudanese calligraphy romps past. Elephants and tigers and bears, oh my! The Web is rich in snarky celebrity gossip and fast-breaking news, but a visit to Paul's cabinet of curiosities leaves us satisfied and enthralled. The mirrors are definitely working.

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