Friday, May 18, 2007

Pet Cremation and Pet Urns... There are some great choices out there!

Cremation and Urns can be hard to find. Afterall, most people love their animals as much as any human... I have had quite a few people ask me about some good places to go online to find either something unusual, something affordable or something nice that they find for their pets remains... So here goes:

Everlasting Memories: You can have your pets hair or ashes placed inside a locket or piece of jewelry (pretty neat). They also have the traditional urns, memorial rocks and plaques.

One of my favorite sites: Angel Ashes -- They have really cool bookends (to hold your pets ashes) (see pic) They have traditional box urns, figurines and photo urns... I particularly like the angel urn (see pic)
Pet Loss Products is another great site. They also offer Pet Loss Grief help. There is also info on cloning, grief, loss, euthenasia ... and other things you really don't want to hear but have too!


debra said...

it can be difficult to find am urn to honor the memory of a friend that has passed.

perfectmemorials said...

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