Sunday, July 29, 2007

The Death List ~ Definitely a List You Don't Want to Be On

Hmmmmmm, came across a site called "The Death List".... interesting... and yes, creepy. Basicaly, they pick 50 people who they predict will die in the year. So far they have been right on 6/ out of 50 as of today. Tammy Faye was the last who was predicted right. What was a little unnerving for me was the message board ... mainly because the discussion I read was on Ernest Borgnine... who I adore. They are wondering if this is his year because he is 88, overweight, etc., etc..... I hope poor Ernie doesn't see it : ) Here's the blurb if you are interested in reading about their site:

"2007 sees the twentieth anniversary of the DeathList so let’s hope for a particularly successful year. For those unfamiliar with DeathList, here is a quick recap of the idea: A list of 50 celebrities is selected by the DeathList committee before the start of each calendar year for their likelihood to die during that year. Candidates must have a certain level of famousness, which is basically that their demise must be expected to be reported by the UK media. Candidates are ineligible if their only claim to fame is their likely death in the near future. Also, no more than 25 celebrities that appeared on the previous year’s list can be selected. 2006 finished with a solid score of 13 successes, but the 2003 record of 14 deaths remains intact. "

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