Sunday, July 29, 2007

The Page of the Dead... Intersting stuff here!

There are thoughts that won't be spoken / And there's so much we can't discussBut there are moments that will live forever / And some of them are owned by us
From a Really Nice Website: The And Room Archives
Lots of information: Biographies SectionA huge selection of (bio)graphical information on people with some claim to fame, mostly focussing on the nineteenth century. Here is the index.The Page of The DeadJoséphine de Beauharnais, Oscar Wilde, Robert and Clara Schumann, Heinrich Heine, all the others... They left us in this world alone. But we can pay them a last respect, by visiting them at The Page of The Dead.
If you are into tombstones and gravesites... lot's of lovely pictures of resting places -- and info on famous playwrights, writers and even pirates -- like Captain Bligh.....

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