Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Great Site.... "Dark Stories" ...Unusual and true stories!

Dark Stories is a really cool (and scary) website. Great reads if you like the unusual and a great variety of topics. They are still adding info to the site, and if you have a good yarn to tell, you can send it to them. Plus, Halloween is coming up ... believe me; you can find some great stories for the party or campfire here : ) You will find on this site various texts on subjects if you like the strange one, supernatural stories, mysteries, myths and legends. Topics include: Swindle and forgers; Myths and legends, Eccentric People; Gost Stories and my favorite; Bad luck and coinidiences. Check out this story:


Almost two centuries before the shadow of the Mothman reared its head in Point Pleasant, West Virginia, the land around the Ohio River ran red with blood. As the inhabitants of the American colonies began to push their way to the west, and later fought for their independence from Britain, they entered into deadly combat with the Native American inhabitants of the land. Perhaps their greatest foe in these early Indian wars was Chief Cornstalk, who later became a friend to the Americans. But treachery, deception and murder would bring an end to the chief’s life and a curse that he placed on Point Pleasant would linger for 200 years, bringing tragedy, death and disaster.... (click here for more)

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Indeed...a great site!

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