Saturday, September 01, 2007

A Pigment of your Imagination - Skeleton Systems of your Favorite Cartoon Characters

Like so many Americans, Michael Paulus grew up watching cartoons. But unlike most children who become adults and shed interest in their animated friends, Michael matured into an artist who applies grown-up analysis to the animated characters of his youth—and their bone structure, in particular. That pondering led to detailed illustrations of the skeletal systems of such preeminent cartoon actors as Barney Rubble, Shmoo, and Baby Huey. If you accept the maxim that a large cranium indicates great intelligence, then Michael has revealed that Charlie Brown might just be a genius (footballs notwithstanding). Hello Kitty is a whiz. And Pigpen is a veritable Stephen Hawking. As for Betty Boop, it's a wonder she can even hold her mastermind-sized head up above those dainty little feet. (Found at Yahoo)

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Candace said...

Did he do Barbie? Of course the mammaries would no longer be visible, but the too tiny waist and too tiny feet would still be apparent.