Thursday, January 24, 2008

More Bottle Houses! Get Your Fill at This Site!

Who knew that bottle houses were so common. If you read my post about the house built from embalming bottles, you might be quite suprised to know that there are quite a few of these homes across the world. Interesting enough; Knotts Berry Farm (the Jelly People) have one called Calico House: Nothing is known of the Calico House's origins. It might have been created in Calico or brought there from another ghost town, possibly even Nevada. But it is also possible that this is a modern reproduction.

Walter Knott (of Knott's Berry Farm amusement park fame) bought the ghost town of Calico in 1951 and restored it from old photos. Therefore, Calico is a mix of original buildings and replicas built on remaining foundations. In 1966, Knott donated the town to San Bernardino County.

Knott's Berry Farm has a simulated ghost town and a Bottle House made from over three thousand whiskey bottles (another account says over five thousand bottles). It is used as the "Indian Trader" store today. Knott visited the Rhyolite Bottle House in the early 1950s and took pictures which were used in building this miniature replica.

For a great read check out this site "Other Bottle Houses" which gives you the why, how and where. And, for more bottle houses go to the 2nd page ... you'll get your fill on the subject : )

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