Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Northstar Gallery ... Great Selection of Cemetery Art

Interesting site: Northstar Gallery. Great photos by a person who photographs memorial and cemetery art from around the world. This project explores the conscious and unconscious themes and symbolic content of the art. At issue is of course man's struggle with transcendence and his own mortality. As the project progressed, he began to discover many very sensual images of beautiful young women depicted in the memorial art in the cemeteries Intriguing questions emerged around the significance of this particular art form in the cemetery. How is it that these very powerful images have come to offer solace at times of loss, what is the significance of the link between Thantos and Eros in this very powerful art form? These questions have launched an extended research project on the issue. The research continues, however to date the following information and insights have emerged. I would greatly welcome viewer comments on this work. It is my intent that this project will emerge as a book in the near future. To view more classic memorial art click here.

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