Sunday, January 13, 2008

Photographer Captures Thoughts, Death and Life Beautifully

You know, there are many types of death. You can be alive and dead at the same time. And, some people can grasp this concept through the lens of a camera or some other artistic way. I came across this site that is both disturbing and beautiful at the same time. Either way, this guy makes you think. I pulled up two pictures that really struck me. One, an empty church... superimposed over a hymnal. You have to pull the picture up to see the beauty and the thoughtfulness of the shot ... the photographer did a wonderful job. His photos capture the present, the past, the truth and how people are. Love his words which explain his shots. And then, an abandoned psychiatric hospital...

Very worth checking out this beautiful site (by it looks like a young artist.) Also looks like he sells some prints. His minds eye is on target and really makes you think. Would love anyone's comments on this artist .... (Vaporiss) (Click on picture to get to direct link to picture).

Artist's Comments:

i went alone this time.
into the church.
the floor was flooded.
i'd like to think of it as holy water.
stack of books.
cover reads "the hymnal for youth"read the writing.
every other page the word "snake".
other words revealing the youth.
the youth that once flooded the church.

It's sad to see someones entire life on a piece of paper.
Laying on the floor.
Covered in dust.
I won't forget you.

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