Monday, August 20, 2007

Skullerflies, Day of the Dead --- Hair Raising .....

A little shameless self promotion... I promise I won't keep doing this. But they are so cute, and they do go with my site ... kinda : )

Fashionable girl? Like the Rockabilly, Punk, Goth scene or just like being unique? Or perhaps you are going to a Halloween Party? Want something unique and different. Get Go Retro is selling Skullerflies (handmade by Lucky 11) uniquely original barrettes made of feathers with a "day of the dead" skull in the middle. They are really cool looking and can be worn on other days that "Halloween" but since that holiday is coming up -- its' something to think about. We are also carrying their Hair Roses with Skulls inside. Check them out. Very affordable! Oh yeah, and did I say this is a little bit of shameless self promotion : ) ?

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