Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Yes, Your Time on Earth Has Expired ....

Archie was a plumber by trade, and a practical joker at heart. He was also dying from a liver disease due to excessive drinking and he knew it. While he was in Hixville, Ohio, he backed over two parking meters, for which he received a citation from the police. He made the remark, "well, since I've paid for them, can I take them home?" to which the sheriff replied, "Sure, they're no good to us now."

He took them home, put new pipes on for the stands, painted them black, welded the coin slot so it couldn't be changed, and modified his will. He stated that upon his death, one was to be placed on each end of his monument and they were to read "EXPIRED."

For more on this story and pics of other great tombstones visit Morbid Curiousity... I have a feeling this site will make you more curious : )

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Marketing Goddess said...

You really have to love the style of this. Unconventional...yes. But memoriable none the less!

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