Saturday, August 25, 2007

What do you do with the leftover ashes???

There's really not alot that you can say about this topic... it evidently happened during the winter, but I just came across it. This story (out of the UK) is bizarre in that it actually happened. It was reported that human ashes were used to grit a path at a Co-op funeral home where workers mixed the remains of cremation ashes with grit and scattered them on a disabled ramp outside to prevent customers from slipping on it during wintery conditions. One worker said: "Sometimes when families ask to get relatives' ashes back, the plastic container for them is too small.""Sometimes when families ask to get their relatives' ashes back, the plastic container for them is too small."This wasn't every time but every now and then there were too many remains."Instead of getting a bigger container, the spare ashes were tipped into an emptied-out bottle of embalming fluid which also contained grit." Workers at a Co-op parlour claimed their boss laughed about the grotesque practice, which they said has been going on for years.

In addition, staff allegedly sold used coffins as new and one family was even given the wrong ashes. Needless to say, police were investigating. (source)

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