Friday, August 24, 2007

Wild Bill Hagy; Baltimore Icon and Oriole's Fan

Oriole's fan ... or maybe you didn't have to be one to know who he was; but in Baltimore, MD, Wild Bill Hagy was an icon. An every man's working man who out of the blue, stirred up a city for their team. He became Iconic. Who you ask was he? Complicated question. Basically, a guy at the ball park (section 34) who led cheers in the stand and became a legend for stirring the crowd with his famous cheers for each player and Orioles Cheer. View the video below to get a glimpse and perhaps a smile. He left a nice legacy.

A TV story on Wild Bill Hagy. Aired on Evening Magazine in Baltimore in 1979. He died August 20, 2007.


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lmhall said...

Dig those vintage tube socks! RIP Wild Bill!