Saturday, November 11, 2006

Colourful Pet and People Coffins ... You'll be surprised : )

For a change, let's do the pets first .... : )

This is pretty cool. Colourful Pet Caskets offers an urn with a Pet Memorial Picture (with ashes container) - "Only you need to know". With the loss of a much loved pet, this memorial picture is designed, so that your pet’s ashes can be safely kept within the frame itself. Ashes are placed into a clear strong bag, which in turn sits inside a plastic folder. This is then totally hidden within the frame between the backing board and photo. Your pet’s picture can be easily inserted and each frame comes complete with all the fittings ready to hang. Made to accommodate landscape or portrait pictures. Pretty neat "eh"?

NOW the People Coffins .... which are adaptly named "Colourful Coffins." And, they are pretty unique. Check out the website for more info. But in the meantime I just have to show you the Train Coffin .... for a train lover ... he will love this!

And the ginham one is pretty cool for a homemaker, crafter or anyone who likes Pink. Think about it, you should have what you want. Afterall , you are spending eternity in your space : )

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