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Men of Mortuaries Calendar . . . "They See Dead People!"

OMG!!!!! Forget Chippendales! Meet the Men of Mortuaries ..... I DIG THEM ....SERIOUSLY I DO! (Ahem.... nobody in my mortuary science class looks like this ...... : ( Visit their site Men of Mortuaries. All kidding aside, check out their calendar and ORDER ONE. It is for a good cause:

Monies raised from the calendar will directly benefit the KAMM foundation dedicated to the caring and assistance of people who are going through the treatment of breast cancer. Proceeds will provide these people assistance with such necessities as child care costs and groceries, to name just two. The primary goal of KAMM is to provide people going through cancer with
more opportunities to make their lives better. And if you are one of the first 500 customers to order a calendar and receive a the official men-of-mortuaries bumper sticker.

In addition, I saw this article and it is just so good, I am posting it Verbatim .... (found on the Daily News -- Check out the link)

A gang of calendar boys hits NYC,and they're no stiffs

Forget the foxy firemen of the FDNY.

The Men of Mortuaries, a group of flexing funeral directors, are currently starring in their own morbid calendar - and they're hitting the streets of New York.

These calendar boys' shots range from campy to downright bizarre, with plenty of dark humor thrown in. The calendar is the brainstorm of funeral-home owner Ken McKenzie, who created it in the hopes of changing people's impressions of morticians: i.e., they're not all Dr. rankensteins. Proceeds will go to KAMM Cares, a nonprofit benefiting women suffering from breast cancer that McKenzie helped create after his sister was diagnosed with the disease.

So what makes these mortuary men so sexy? While traipsing topless about New York City last week, they answered our questions, exposing the men behind the coffins.

Have you ever used the pickup line "I see dead people"?

"No, I have never used that line but I might try it. Good work."

Mike Haines, Mr. February, 32.

Did "Six Feet Under" make the whole mortuary thing kind of sexy?

"Yeah, I think a lot of people think we're a lot of older men who are kind of grave [said with a straight face]. People don't realize there are a lot of younger people and some of us are kind of hot. We're young, hip guys who have fun outside of what we do."

Kurt Zabor, Mr. April, 24.

What do you expect from a date?

"I want a date to do some research about what I want and what I don't want and make that happen. Call the mortuary and ask "What does he like? What does he not like? What does he want to do?"

Ken McKenzie, Mr. June, 40

Do girls think what you do is a turn-on?
"People get a kick out of it. It's definitely a conversation starter."

Kurt Zabor

What does your wife/girlfriend think about what you do? Is she freaked out?

"No, she's cool about it. She comes down to our place and helps out. But she doesn't deal with the bodies or anything."

Roger Santos, Mr. December, 26

How long do you wait to tell a woman what you do after you start dating?

"You try to wait as long as you can. When I would go out to bars and talk to the girls it even got to the point where I would say I was in the insurance business. You wait as long as you can and the more mature their reaction, then the cooler the girl."

Justin Zabor, Mr. March, 29

How do women respond when you tell them?

"'Dude that's gross!' Or they just walk away. Some women are freaked out by it. They always ask crazy questions. They want to know about the whole process. The embalming, whether we sew their mouths shut and stuff like that. I haven't found any that find it a weird turn-on. I'd probably run if I did."

David Fisch, Mr. August, 28

Have you ever brought a girl back to the funeral home?

"Actually yes, because I lived in a loft above it. At first it was kind of weird, but after a month I got used to it. I'm glad to be out of there. My social life is a little bit better."

Kurt Zabor

Favorite TV show?

"'CSI.' I guess I bring my work home with me."

Mike Haines

What's your perfect date?

"A fall motorcycle ride in the mountains."

Mike Haines

Have you ever gotten lucky in a coffin?

"It's very uncomfortable in there."

Ken McKenzie

Originally published on October 8, 2006

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