Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Roadside American Presents ... PET CEMETERIES

You heard it right .... on your next trip take some time to visit the pet cemeteries (not Stephen King's : ) ) Visit the Road Side American Presents Pet Cemeteries Site:

Great animals deserve post-mortem tributes as much as any President or rock star. It's unlikely you'll find Teddy Roosevelt's hide stretched over a frame and action-posed in a display case, but what about Trigger, Roy Roger's horse? Or Owney, the US Postal mascot dog? Or Old Rip, the desiccated miracle toad? You betcha. Americans adore their dead animal companions, if judged by the amount of stuffing and mounting, and of deified civic mascots and public statuary. Sometimes, it's just a worn granite slab and a sad story -- worthwhile enough for a snack-break off the interstate.

Noble Dog Mausoleum - Special pets, loyal and heroic.
Mascots - Representing and beloved by their towns and teams.
Pet Vets - Military pets. A posthumous salute to our furry finest.
Celebrities - Remnants and remembrances of the stars.
Behemoths - Immense giants, Nature's pets.
Elephant Burial Ground - Felled by mishap and misunderstanding.
Quarantine - Lonely rest for the contagious.
Faithful Steeds - Hero horses, happily ridden 'til they dropped.
Animal Magic - Special creatures; they know what you are thinking.

On your next vacation or road trip, plan on visiting at least one pet grave or animal memorial!

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